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About Maosuit

The Maosuit aims to give on the ground and up to date coverage of the fashion and luxury industries in China. China is fast becoming the biggest fashion story of the century and savior to an industry ailing in many other parts of the world. Daily news, blogs and other media are rife with information about every Coco, Louis, Ralph, Hugo and Giorgio trying to get their sewing needles into Chinese wallets, yet there is a lack of accurate coverage from within China. The Maosuit is here to address issues and give insights hitherto unknown on how the fashion and luxury industry lives, breathes and operates in China.

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About the Author

Timothy Coghlan has been living and working in Asia for 15 years and has had a multifaceted experience in the luxury and fashion industry including fashion journalism, producing fashion shows in Tokyo and Hong Kong and as a Location manager for the world’s most iconic fashion and luxury brands. He is now based in Beijing and works for a leading multinational company advising luxury and fashion companies on how to develop and execute their retail and business strategies across China. Timothy speaks fluent English, Mandarin and Japanese.


Speaking Engagements

Timothy is a regular speaker at global forums on the retail, fashion and luxury industry in China and an emerging voice on omni-channel retail in China including E-Commerce, M commerce, S commerce and how fashion brands are utilizing social networks in China. His 2012 speaking engagements have included:

– L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Business Seminar: China’s Fashion Market Opportunities and Entry Strategies

– Goldman Sachs Inaugural Luxury Goods Conference: Retail Growth Strategies for Luxury Brands in China

– China Chain Stores & Franchise Association: Omni-Channel Retail in China, Challenges & Opportunities

– Australian Institute of International Affairs: Chinese Luxury Consumers – More is Never Enough

– China Luxury Industry Association: Retail Strategy for Luxury Brands Entering the China Market


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