The Way of Fashion and Luxury in China

China Luxury Store Openings Continue Despite the ‘Slowdown’

New MCM Store Opening Soon in Beijing's Intime Lotte Department Store 2012 was record year for luxury brands operating in China. As written about here, here and here! During 2011 and 2012 year luxury brands were making a land grab for retail space across China, primarily for mega flagship stores in the first tier cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, plus building bigger... Read More

Pollution’s Effect on Retail

Young Couple in Matching Pollution Masks Shop Together in Beijing What a difference a bit of wind can make! Last week Beijing and a chunk of northeast China suffered through another bout of extreme pollution that made worldwide news headlines. Then almost after 10 days of still air that had allowed the pollution to build up, on Thursday afternoon a trickle of rain began followed... Read More

Mao Suit Weekly June 12

  Sir Paul Smith Poses With Guests at his Beijing Flaghsip Opening Today is the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month and so marks the celebration of the Dragon Boat festival across the Chinese world and many parts of Asia. Today is a public holiday in both the Mainland and Hong Kong and people will celebrate by eating rice dumplings. More on the festival via Wikipedia. Mainland China... Read More

Logistics of Luxury and E-Commerce in China

Chinese Customs Officer Inspects Proucts Entering China. Image: Huangpu Customs The topic of logistics is definitely not the sexiest side of the fashion and luxury  industry. Yet understanding logistics in China is vital for retailers, as even a big brand name and network of fancy stores wont do you any good if  you cant get products into the country to sell. The  operational... Read More

About the Author

Timothy J Coghlan has been living and working in Asia for 15 years and has had a multifaceted experience in the luxury and fashion industry including fashion journalism, producing fashion shows in Tokyo and Hong Kong and product sourcing across China. He is now based in Beijing and works for a leading multinational company advising luxury and fashion companies on how to develop and execute their retail and business strategies across China. Timothy speaks fluent English, Chinese and Japanese