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This week marks the one-year anniversary of starting this blog. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAOSUIT! The notion of using a blog as an outlet for my thoughts an ideas had long circulated in my head until Beijing based Digital Creative design studio made the interface come alive. The blog design was so good in fact that that many people believe Maosuit is a fully-fledged website. Many thanks to Digital Creative!

In the beginning I wasn’t sure how to ‘position’ Maosuit. I wanted to create original content and set the record straight on what was unfolding in the fashion and luxury world in China. Other sites dedicated to the fashion industry such as such as The Business of Fashion and Mekas (now defunct) provided inspiration, while Stylites was already giving excellent coverage of Chinese style and fashion on the streets etc.

Initially I used the tagline ‘the lifestyle of fashion & luxury in China’, because I really wanted to portray how fashion was a leading indicator of the changing lifestyles of Chinese people. I then changed this to ‘the business of fashion & luxury in China’ as for many months the blog took on a purely business and retail focus and I wanted to establish my voice in the industry.

The last few months I have discovered a new realm of thinking about fashion in China. As I walk around continually in ‘observer mode’ almost everything I see can be morphed into a Maosuit post. More and more I feel like an anthropologist using fashion as the medium to observe the overwhelming changes occurring to Chinese society, the country’s people and the world around me.  Therefore I’ve decided on another change in direction to best represent what I’m trying to achieve through Maosuit. The new tagline is: ‘The WAY of Fashion & Luxury in China. The ‘ term ‘way’ is borrowed from Chinese Daoism and is not dissimilar fro the term ‘zen’.  It’s a more encompassing tagline that will allow me to explore more deeply how fashion and luxury exist and influence the entirety of life in China.

I’ve averaged a post a week for the last year and hope to improve on this in year two. It’s quite a conundrum that one gets sucked into with the pressure of maintaining a blog. Maosuit has given me the chance to travel the world and speak at global conferences on fashion, meet iconic designers and CEOs etc, but then I end up too busy and exhausted to write posts and can go for weeks without posting anything. Actually I made this decision early on. If I’m not able to post something of quality and depth then I wont post anything at all.

Thank you to all the readers and subscribers of Maosuit. I hope to continue receiving your support in the coming year and will do my best to provide useful and insightful coverage of fashion & luxury in China.

Below are some of my favorite Maosuit related images.


The 'Way' of Fashion in China. A Daoist Monk in Beijing Sporting a Houndstooth Patterned Scarf

Sean Connery Dons a Maosuit in The Very First James Bond Movie - Dr. No.

Keeping it Real. A Chinese Gentleman Wearing a Standard Issue Grey Maosuit in 2011. Photo: Janek Zdzarski.

Maosuit Sculpture by Sui Jianguo


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  1. I really like the new concept/philosophy for the blog, can’t wait to see what great content you’re going to be posting from now on!!

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