Notting Hill Fashion Show Takes Over Beijing’s Shin Kong PlaceNOTTING HILL 2011秋冬高级成衣发布会


Nottng Hill's Designer, VIPs and Models at the Notting Hill fashion Show. Image courtesy of China Fashion Association.


China International Fashion Week continues through this Thursday with fashion shows taking place at the Beijing Hotel and D Park. You can see photos from all the shows on the China Fashion Week website here.

Notting Hill was one of the first shows to be held during fashion week and unlike other labels Notting Hill was able to secure Shin Kong Place, Beijing’s leading high-end shopping mall as the venue for the show. Notting Hill has a counter inside the department store section of the mall, yet they managed to brand the entire mall with Notting Hill logos and no shoppers in the mall could fail to notice the massive billboards and Notting Hill’s re-branding of cafes and rest areas located throughout the mall. Exactly what the other retailers including Chanel, Max Mara and Bulgari thought about the entrance of their stores being blocked and business disrupted for two hours is another matter.

Notting Hill Billboard in Shin Kong Place


Notting Hill Fashion Show in Beijing's Shin Kong Place

The Notting Hill brand is designed and manufactured by Beijing based Eve Enterprise Group. In a statement to Xinhua News agency, Xia Hua, Chairwoman of Eve Enterprise Group Said

“Actually, I am very emotional today,” Xia said. “It is not easy for a Chinese brand (to get so far). Many people want to be here today watching the show. I don’t think they are merely stunned by the fashionable lineup of the first show of the week. They are also touched by the spirit brought by the Chinese brand. There are wars and disasters, but innocent smiles and craving for beauty are eternal and drive us to move forward.”

The name Notting Hill conjures up foreign images of fashionable London and is likely to win over consumers who will be quick to assume it is a foreign brand. It will be interesting to see how the brand develops and if they can snatch any market share from the more established and widely know foreign menswear brands. Photos from the show can be found here, and Notting Hill’s website here.


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