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APEC Leader's Fashion Designs by Chinese Luxury Brand NE Tiger. Source: Mashable

The APEC Leaders Meeting has been in full swing this week and the APEC fashion was also in the spotlight. This year’s APEC uniforms we designed and made by NE Tiger, a Beijing based brand that meets the criteria of being a luxury brand. NE Tiger designs haute couture and also ready to wear collections, exhibits quality and craftsmanship through fine embroidery and has a strong 30+ year history.  Here are some photos of the APEC designs and here is a video on the making of them.

This week’s readings.


APEC red carpet snapshots: when in Beijing – China Hush Let’s see how country leaders break their new Chinese look as they walk down the red carpet.



Chinese brands to storm luxury market Warc When Added Value, the marketing consultancy, surveyed 600 “luxury targets” as part of its luxury attitudes study, it found, reported Campaign Asia-Pacific, that 84% agreed with the statement: “In the future, Chinese luxury brands will be just as good as Western luxury brands……” Chinese brands, on the other hand, were focused on authenticity and a long history, with strong heritage and great craftsmanship.

I don’t doubt that Chinese brands can master the quality, but I don’t see many examples of Chinese companies having the patience to build a brand over the long-term (decades) and brands like NE Tiger are an exception.  So there will be no “storming”.

Stats of Top Selling Brands on Taobao/Tmall in 18 Categories in Sep 2014 – CIW

Mostly Chinese low to mid-end brands in the top 10 for each category.

Is Alibaba’s Singles Day really worth it for China’s stressed-out retailers? – Quartz  Singles Day can sometimes hurt a retailer more than it helps, especially as heavy discounts take their toll on profit margins. Companies like Elle, a handbag and luggage store, have come to depend on the shopping holiday for as much as 15% of their annual online sales. “So I’m very nervous,” said CEO Brian Lee, admitting that in the past he had offered discounts that were too steep.

You Say Weird, I Say Beautiful: Xi Jinping Criticism Doesn’t Ruffle SOHO China – WSJ

Soho has lots of mixed used developments across the country with a huge property portfolio in Beijing, however, their retail platforms do not tend to attract international brands.



Xinhua Insight: China moves to expand, upgrade consumption – Xinhua  The Chinese government announced measures to boost and upgrade domestic consumption in a bid to raise the quality and efficiency of its economy on Wednesday. Consumption is an important “engine” for economic growth and represents great potential for China’s development, said a statement on the central government’s website following an executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

This is why the big brands are starting to watch Chinese policy makers to set their brand strategies for 2020.



eCommerce: China’s Consumption Growth Engine – Barrons  We estimate China’s eCommerce industry in 2018 will account for 18% of the country’s retail sales, up from 8% in 2013.

Alibaba Goes Global, Singles Day Sales Top $5.9 Billion – Bloomberg Merchandise sold was 36.2 billion yuan as of 1:31 p.m. Beijing time, Alibaba said in a post on its Twitter Inc. account….Outside of mainland China, Alibaba’s sales promotion has been most popular in Hong Kong, followed by the U.S and Taiwan, according to data released by the company today. Shopping from mobile devices will be 45 percent to 50 percent this year, Steve Wang, Alibaba’s Tmall President, said at a press conference in Hangzhou today. 

For China’s Online Shoppers, Obama’s Visit Nothing to Cheer About – WSJ In Beijing, the arrival of U.S. President Obama and hundreds of other APEC participants raises the possibility that they may not get their purchases until well after Singles Day has passed.

Blue skies, but very strong winds today in Beijing, with APEC traffic restrictions and police and soldiers lining most major roads, it must be tough going for the delivery guys these few days.

China Focus: Chinese e-commerce carnival going global – Xinhua

Amazon will offer global shopping and ultra-fast delivery in China starting this Singles Day – Tech in Asia  Chinese consumers will be able to shop on Amazon’s US, German, Spanish, French, and Italian stores and have whatever they order shipped directly to China. Amazon China is also launching an “international shopping” feature that should make it more convenient for Chinese customers to shop for goods they want from foreign Amazon shops.


Wechat Aiming Int’l E-commerce Market with Payment Solutions – CIW Recently, Wechat payment is discussing cooperation with some e-commerce websites on importing business and overseas e-commerce including eBay.

Apple-Alibaba deal talk may be mostly for show – Market Watch  Are Apple and Alibaba’s Alipay really preparing to walk down the aisle? Or is this merely a stunt aimed at making UnionPay, Apple’s current payment partner in China, jealous?


Xi’s “new normal” theory – Xinhua The “new normal” theory elaborated by Chinese President Xi Jinping would be one of the hallmarks to be engraved in history by the ongoing meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Beijing.



Wal-Mart CEO talks about doing business in China – Market Watch

The 3 Ways Facebook Can Expand Into China – The Motley Fool



China’s branding failure: only 6% of U.S. consumers can name one Chinese brand – Washington Post 94 percent of Americans cannot name even one Chinese brand, according to a new survey by international marketing firm HD Trade Services.

BCG: Xiaomi is one of the world’s most innovative companies, and the top up-and-comer – Tech in Asia The Boston Consulting Group has published its annual report (PDF) of the world’s most innovative companies. This year, only three new companies made the top 50 – Salesforce, Hitachi, and Xiaomi.

Tencent owns 3 of the world’s 5 biggest social networks – Tech in Asia

China Rich List – Forbes

Top 20 is made up mostly from internet and real estate moguls, compare this to the Global Rich List that also have a lot of Internet billionaires, but also retail billionaires from LVMH, H&M and Zara etc.

The Second Languages Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic – Business Insider

Mandarin less prevalent than I would have guessed


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