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Fahsion Display at Louis Vuitton's Series 1 Event in Shanghai

Fahsion Display at Louis Vuitton’s Series 1 Event in Shanghai

Thanks to the team at Digital Creative, Mao Suit’s had some sprucing up and is back in action. As the China business landscape and intersections of the fashion, retail and technology landscape continues to evolve, I hope to use continue to use Mao Suit as a type of thought “lab” on these topics. I’ll endeavor to write my own content and conduct interviews when time permits and otherwise try to curate other relevant material into a weekly newsletter. I’ve said I’ll do that before and failed, so lets see if I can tame the instant gratification monkey for a while and get some posting rhythm going again. Until then, please consider the revamped Mao Suit to be back in ‘beta’ mode.





Classic N.Y. in Causeway Bay? The Ralph Lauren Flagship Store – Hong Kong Hustle

Pictures of the newly unveiled Ralph Lauren Store in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay.

This is truly a BIG flagship store in line with Ralph’s other global properties in New York, Paris and London.  I love the brand and have been looking forward to its re-establishment as a luxury brand in China. Back in 2011, I wrote this piece on Re-positioning Ralph Lauren in China. Its taken them quite a while, and glad to see them on track with this store.

Street Wear Shopping in Shanghai – The Hundreds

Some great photos of Shanghai street wear retail by hipster Bobby Hundreds. More of his of “wild wild East” pics here.

It fascinates me to see how new visitors see China retail. I’ve been “in country” so long I’m immune to so many things that everyone else trips out at.

Let a Thousand Shopping Malls Boom – Forbes

Over half of all the world’s shopping center space under construction is situated in Chinese cities. It’s because China’s rising middle class is starved of entertainment options and sick of air pollution

Japanese school backpacks win the hearts, wallets of Chinese tourists – The Asahi Shimbun

“High-class school bags for children made in Japan,” read a sign in China. Another touted, “These bags will last until children graduate from school even if they are used every day.”

When I lived in Tokyo I felt sorry for all the children lugging these backpacks around laden with heavy books. Regardless of how ergonomic they ar,e tapping into Chinese consumers willingness to spend on children and education make them an easy sell product.



Jack Ma Brings E-commerce to the U.S – 60 Minutes Interview

Lara Logan speaks with the founder who took $50,000 in seed money and created a company valued at $231 billion

I got into the Beijing’s Park Hyatt elevator with Jack Ma two years ago and literally gave him an elevator pitch about Mao Suit and my business card. I’ve been waiting to be acquired by Alibaba ever since.

Calvin Klein Launches Tmall Flagship Store in China – CIW

Calvin Klein Launches Tmall Flagship Store in China on 19 Sep 2014. CK’ commodities can be classified in 3 categories: jeans & casual clothes, underwear products, and luggage & bags. All of its products are featured with street fashion style and it is specialized in new autumn and winter products with prices ranging RMB200-3,000.

Tencent takes on web retail rivals with move –

Last week, Tencent boosted its investment to a 24.6% stake in, which is a web portal for a whole range of services in the local area, and often been described as China’s Craigslist. In the second quarter, it had monthly unique visits in excess of 200 million, and mobile represents 54% of total page views. In addition, subscription-paying merchants increased to 1.21 million in the second quarter from just 441,000 in the first quarter and 298,000 in the second quarter of 2013.



Airbnb Adds Alipay as Payment Option as China’s Digital Influence Grows – ReCode

Chinese Internet payment system Alipay continues to extend its reach across borders, this time inking a deal to show up as a payment option on home rental service Airbnb.

How Alibaba Could Capitalize on the EBay-PayPal Split –

But another repercussion of the split is that eBay will give up much of its market value. The company is currently valued at roughly $70 billion, and of that amount, PayPal might be entitled to $47 billion. When the two go their separate ways, eBay will then be worth $23 billion



 It Looks Like China’s Instagram Blockage Is Here To Stay – Adage

Many of us in China wondered why Instagram was given such a long run in China anyway. For those keen enough, a mobile installed VPN will allow access, but for most Chinese I speak to, Instagram just isn’t that high a priority when WeChat will do just fine.



Australia To Offer Permanent Residency Visa For Super Rich Investors From July Next Year – International Business Times

Australia has announced a new category of visa named “premium investor visa” with effect from July1, 2015, offering immigrants permanent residency if they invest A$15 million or more in the country. The new reform will be a logical extension to Australia’s flagship “Significant Investor Programme,” already in force. Under SIP, those investing A$5 million and above will be entitled for a four-year visa.

Guess where most applicants come from?



Waldorf to Be Biggest Chinese Property Purchase in U.S – Bloomberg

New York City’s Waldorf Astoria hotel is set to become the biggest prize yet for buyers from China who have been pouring money into U.S real estate as they seek stable investments outside their country.

The recently opened Beijing Waldorf Astoria is very nice and situated next to the newly renovated In88 luxury mall. The artwork inside is also very cool, and I would say that being an art consultant to the hundreds of 5 star hotels opening in China would be a fun job.

Why China Will Leapfrog the World in Internet of Things – Technode

The U.S. led the world in the PC revolution. Europe was where cell phones took off. So where will the wellspring of innovation and customer adoption take place for the Internet of Things? China.

Another tech acronym to remember “IoT”.



Chinese Truck Driver Hits Rolls-Royce, Must Pay 1.05 Million – Chinasmack

Recently, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Guilin city Yanshan district People’s Court heard a traffic accident compensation case involving an ordinary cargo truck and a luxury car, and ruled that driver Chen X bear all responsibility and pay the luxury car company compensation over a million yuan, a compensation amount rarely seen in the cases this court has heard. This case has been a wake-up call for all drivers, that they must be careful when driving.

Driving in China is intense!



Big to brilliant: The future of corporate China  (Beijing Oct 29th 16:00) – FCCC

Chinese firms are rising in the world economy. The 2013 Fortune Global 500 listed 89 Chinese firms, second only to the United States, and this figure is expected to increase over the next decade. Yet, the sheer size of Chinese firms’ wealth is not sufficient to secure the future of Corporate China. Using his unique


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