Louis Vuitton Voyages Exhibition Ends in Beijing


Back in May I reported on the opening of the Louis Vuitton Voyages exhibition at the National Museum of China. Sometimes I feel like the Maosuit should be called the Louis Vuitton blog as so much of my content touches on the LV brand. In previous posts I have mentioned LV’s prominent store facades in Shanghai, the LV brand equity in China and also the amount of fake products available.

While some of LV’s product designs do impresses, me its more the business and brand that Bernard Arnault now the fourth richest man alive has created that really gets me excited. Since the LV exhibition opened I have become further impressed with LV’s stores around the world and in the last two months I have been fortunate enough to visit the LV flagship stores in London, Paris, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and even Wuxi. On almost all occasions the LV store is the most impressive of all the luxury stores in each city. Moreover, regardless of the city, the easiest way to find the best high-end retailing environment is to simply ask where the LV store is. So with out any further adieu here are some more pictures from Louis Vuitton’s Voyages exhibition which I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. I will leave the photos uncaptioned on this occasion and let the images speak for themselves.



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