Brand Battles in Beijing


Jude Law in V Magazine 1999. Part of the Mario Testino Exhibition now on in Beijing

May and early June was not the ideal time to take a break from writing Maosuit as there were so many amazing fashion and luxury brand events that deserved covering including fashion shows by Lanvin, Hugo Boss, Jean Paul Gauliter and Giorgio Armani, Simon Gao and Chi Zhang. There were also big store events and parties by Alexander Wang, Montblanc and Dior Homme. Alas, these days, sorry, these years in China its full steam ahead and there is never a good time to remove oneself from the fashion scene.

While endless coverage of failing European economies and global retail woes around dominate world headlines, in China we currently live a privileged existence where everyday there is new record investment deals, new mega malls and flagship stores opening, new airports, new high speed trains, new jobs, you name it! Of course there is also horrendous traffic congestion and pollution plus limitations on access to certain websites that we must suffer, yet for the fashion industry, China and even more so Beijing is one of the most exciting places to be right now.

Following in the trail of huge events by Burberry , Louis Vuitton, and flagship store openings by DSquared, and others this last year, again the fashion event season has seen millions of dollars poured into events where 3D theatrics and live online streaming are all becoming the norm. Not only do the designers themselves all make the trip to Beijing for the events, but they bring with them a troupe of celebrities and in the last month Posh Spice, Tina Turner, Michelle Yeoh, Nicolas Cage, Jessica Alba, Mary J Blige, Naomi Watts just to name a few have all created a buzz in Beijing.

Why are all these brands battling to do their biggest global events in Beijing? Firstly, as the fastest growing fashion and luxury market in the world it makes sense for any brands’ global marketing and promotions budgets to be spent in China where the ROI is likely to be highest. Secondly, all media (not just fashion media) in China is required to be based in Beijing where the Government can keep it at arms length. With most of these events aimed at garnering as much media attendance and attention as possible, Beijing immediately takes priority over Shanghai or even Hong Kong as the place to hold fashion extravaganzas.

So to get me back into the swing of posting after the break, here are some of photos from the last month of glam in Beijing. Shanghai – eat your heart out!

Lanvin's Fashion Show in Beijing

Lanvin Designer Alber Elbaz Poses With A Chinese Celebrity in Beijing

One Night Only: Giorgio Armani Fashion Show in Beijing

One Night Only: Giorgio Armani Prive Collection in Beijing

Giorgio Armani Prive Dragon Inspired Dress

Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Show in Beijing

Models Pose Post Show at Jean Paul Gaultier in Beijing

Alexander Wang Gets Down With Sexy Dancers in an Underground Party in Beijing

Hugo Boss Takes Over Beijing's Nongzhan Guan for 3D Fashion Show and Huge Party

Chinese Designer Simon Gao's Fashion Show

Lara Stone in British Vogue 2007. Photo by and Part of Mario Testino Exhibition in Beijing

Images From Mario Testino's Exhibition at Today Art Museum in Beijing

Tribute to Burberry - Co-Sponsor of Mario Testino's Exhibition



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