Louboutin Lands in Beijing


Christian Louboutin's Men's Collection Now Available in Beijing

Hot on the heels (lame pun) of the mega brand events in Beijing over the last few months, on Thursday Christian Louboutin ventured into town for the official opening of his Beijing Flagship boutique. The store’s design mimics that of the fist ever Louboutin Paris store and is now one of the biggest in Asia. Louboutin already has a flagship store in Shanghai and is opening soon in Hong Kong.

After an in-store fashion shoot for China Vogue an intimate cocktail reception/shopping spree was held for selected guests and fans of the brand. Mr. Louboutin gladly engaged and chatted with his Chinese customers and guests, taking time to explain the intricacies facets of his designs with fans.

The Louboutin store is one of the last to open in Sanlitun North Village shopping complex in Beijing’s CBD. Over the last two years a host of international brands have opened their China Flagship stores in the development. Its amazing to think that a shopping mall in Beijing, China now has one of the most impressive line ups of designer fashions stores in the world with the biggest stores in the world for DSquared, Alexander McQueen, Moncler, Marni, Maison Martin Margiela, and Miu Miu still to come.

While definitely not a must-have item for most of China’s luxury consumers, who tend to be conservative and steer away from exuberant colours and leopard prints. Yet, Louboutin’s designs strike a real chord with the younger generation of Chinese who don’t mind, and even prefer a bit of flash and studs all over their feet, and who are willing to pay for it.

Christian Louboutin Engages Guests at his Beijing Flagship Store

Louboutin Fans at his Beijing Store Opening

Christian Louboutin Women's Collection Now Available in Beijing

Fancy Footwear Display Inside Louboutin Flagship Store in Beijing

Christian Louboutin's Beijing Flagship Store

Still to Come, Miu Miu's Beijing Flagship in Sanlitun



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