Top Luxury Brand Store Facades in Shanghai


Zegna and Louis Vuitton Stores in Lippo Plaza Shanghai

Following on from our previous Top Luxury Store Facades in Beijing post, today The Maosuit takes a look at the top luxury store facades in Shanghai.

Traditionally high-end retail in Shanghai has been clustered around Nanjing West Road, and Huaihai Middle Road in Puxi District. With the opening of IFC Mall Shanghai in 2010, the Pudong district now also has a high end mall which many luxury brands claim has the best luxury brand tenant mix in all of China.

Although some limitations were put in place on façade design prior to the Shanghai World Expo held in 2010, the Shanghai authorities prefer to focus on commerce rather then preserving the heritage and austere appearance of the city as in Beijing. This allows luxury brands more freedom to express themselves through their store architecture and facades. Once again, facades are judged on size, location, exposure to passing foot/vehicle traffic, and logo display.

With three stores in Shanghai, including one in currently under renovation, Louis Vuitton has the most prominent and impressive (even ostentatious) facades in the city. Their newest store in Pudong’s IFC mall features an external corner façade four stories high and made from glass bricks engraved with the LV monogram logo. At night the façade is quite spectacular.

Louis Vuitton's IFC Mall Store in Shanghai

The retail block of land along Huaihai Middle Road between Huangpi South Road in and Songshan Road in Puxi district is perhaps the most dominant cluster of flagship stores in all of China. Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Cartier, Coach, Tiffany, Hermes (under construction) and Apple all have flagship Stores here.

Louis Vuitton’s store in Lippo Plaza juts out from the mall and features a huge four storey façade with corners facades on both sides of the store allowing for maximum street frontage and visibility from all directions. The entire façade is made up of Louis Vuitton’s flower quatrefoil logo light panels which glow, swirl and change colour at night.

Louis Vuitton's Lippo Plaza Store on Huaihai Road Shanghai

Also in Lippo Plaza on Huaihai Middle Road is Ermenegildo Zegna’s China Flagship Store. Designed by celebrity architect Peter Marino the store cost upwards of 200 million RMB to build. Although Louis Vuitton’s colour changing façade does dominate the area, at the back of the mall Zegna’s logo can be seen from the Yan’an elevated road, a main expressway through Shanghai giving the brand exposure to coutless passing motorists every day.

Ermenegildo Zegna's China Flagship Store on Huaihai Road Shanghai

Cartier and Coach’s Shanghai flagship stores on the intersection of Huaihai Middle Road and Huangpi South Road both have prominent corner facades featuring their logo and displaying their brand equity and story. For now, the upper portions of both stores have been restricted to simply logos on a generic background, however with eh completion of the Shanghai World Expo these restrictions may be lifted to allow branding of the entire building.

Coach's China Flagship Store on Huaihai Road in Shanghai


Cartier's Flagship Store on Huaihai Road Shanghai

Gucci’s Shanghai Flagship in Golden Eagle Department Store is the top façade in the Nanjing West Road area. The huge five storey façade is the biggest luxury brand façade in all Shanghai and misleads as in the actual store is only two stories high. There are rumors that Gucci has recently signed a deal on another nearby location and so this may become their new flagship.

Gucci China Flagship Store in Golden Eagle Department Store Shanghai

Luis Vuitton will reopen their Plaza 66 store at the end of this year and judging by the current hoarding covering the store’s façade is it likely to be nothing short of amazing and The Maosuit predicts this will be the best luxury store façade in all China (possibly the world) once the store opens.

Hoarding Covering Renovations of Louis Vuitton's Plaza 66 Store in Shanghai


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  1. I just came back from Shanghai and was so impressed with the scale and the design of the stores over there. Its good to see that luxury brands are putting in so much effort into pleasing Chinese consumers.

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