The Way of Fashion and Luxury in China

Huishan Zhang Interview

Huishan Zhang and One of his AW 2013 Designs. Source: Huishan Zhang Unassuming, intelligent, well spoken and driven to change the world’s perception of China – Huishan Zhang is the perfect example of what a young upcoming Chinese designer looks like today. Last month, Mao Suit had the pleasure of interviewing Huishan Zhang while overlooking the most iconic symbols of modern China – The Olympic Birds next stadium and Water Cube. Huishan spoke... Read More

China Fashion Week Finds its Form

White Collar's Collection Closes China Fashion Week S/S 2013 In Beijing China’s new leaders have now been confirmed following last week’s National Congress – a once in a decade event held to facilitate a change in power. Nels Frye from Stylites has a great article on Chinese leaders’ fashions here. Held adjacent to Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the Congress has brought stark reminders to all that China is still a heavily controlled... Read More

China Fashion Industry’s Great Divide

Glittering Lights at Vogue's 120 Year part in Beijing These days China’s fashion and luxury market plus Chinese consumers and their growing propensity to spend are hot topics around the world.  As English language media tends to only focus on foreign fashion brand activity, most observers are unaware of the massive divide between the domestic and international fashion industry in China.  After attending a variety of events this week in Beijing,... Read More

Eve Fashion Group Interview Part I

Eve Fashion Group Founder & Chairman Xia Hua As Founder and Chairman of Eve Fashion Group and also acting in other prominent roles for the China Fashion Association and China Entrepreneur Club etc. Ms. Xie Hua is an influential figure in the Chinese fashion industry. She is a regular speaker at domestic and international fashion events and never shy to speak her mind on what is (and should be ) taking place in China’s fashion industry. The... Read More

China’s Copycat Culture and Creativity

Counterfeit Luxury Brand Bags at Beijing's Silk Market While strolling around Taiyuan, an up-and-coming and coal-rich second-tier city, I was amused to find an entire street of identical looking sportswear stores. Each brands’ logo bore resemblance to Nike’s Swoosh, differentiated themselves by either being upside down, back to front or having an extra kink etc. sticking out. I never expected Taiyuan to have the fashion diversity or range... Read More


Woolmark Prize China Contestants with Vogue China Chief Editor Angelica Cheung, AWI CEO Stuart McCullough, Chinese Designer Uma Wang and Chinese Supermodel Du Juan Last Thursday night in Beijing, Guangzhou based designer Ban Xiao Xue won the China round of The International Woolmark Prize.  He was selected from 10 finalists by judges Angelica Cheung – Chief Editor of Vogue China and Uma Wang – a leading Chinese fashion designer.  Other contestants... Read More


Front Row Hipsters at Chinese Designer Simon Gao's Fashion Show China’s luxury market is expected to grow at 18% annually to become the biggest in the world by 2015 reports McKinsey. Similarly, Strangeloop predicts that in three years there will be 520 million online shoppers in China. Hardly a week goes by without a brand announcing that its planning to open X number of stores a year in China. Its always the numbers and data telling the stories. In... Read More

Ultimate Luxury: 7000 Hours for One Dress!

The First Piece of Guo Pei's Legend of the Dragon Show Last night I had the privilege of attending Chinese Haute Couture Designer Guo Pei’s Legend of The Dragon Fashion Show and Chinese Bride Couture Exhibition. In fact, describing the event as a ‘fashion show’ is almost an insult as the dresses on display were so painstakingly hand sewn and crafted over (quite literally) thousands and thousands of work hours that they were some of the most... Read More

China Fashion Week : Expect The Unexpected

Designer She Guang Hu With His Creations at China Fashion Week China Fashion Week  (CFW) Fall/Winter 2012 started Sunday and runs all this week with shows split between the stately Beijing Hotel three blocks from the Tiananmen Square and also at Beijing’s D Park art and creative zone.  I’ve covered CFW in earlier posts here and here and also discussed its intricacies in interviews with Designer Guo Pei and Pauline Su from the China Fashion Association.... Read More

Guo Pei Interview (Part One)

Haute Couture Designer Guo Pei as her Rose Studio in Beijing For those outside China, chances are you have never heard of Guo Pei, yet she is the country’s most acclaimed haute couture fashion designer. Her creations featured prominently in the Beijing Olympic Ceremonies and both Chinese and international celebrities including Lady Gaga seek out her designs.  Fifteen years ago, Guo Pei was already in the limelight of China’s fashion scene and... Read More

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