The Way of Fashion and Luxury in China

Glamour Sales CEO Interview

Screen Shot of the Glamour Sales Mobile Shopping App. Sorce: Technode As mentioned in the Mao Suit’s last post on how pollution in China is likely driving consumers towards online purchases, KPMG, in conjunction with Chinese e-commerce site Glamour Sales have just released a study into China’s Connected Consumers with extensive research on e-commerce. In late 2013 prior to releasing the report, KPMG conducted a series of conferences in Beijing,... Read More

Mao Suit Weekly June 12

  Sir Paul Smith Poses With Guests at his Beijing Flaghsip Opening Today is the 5th day of the 5th Lunar month and so marks the celebration of the Dragon Boat festival across the Chinese world and many parts of Asia. Today is a public holiday in both the Mainland and Hong Kong and people will celebrate by eating rice dumplings. More on the festival via Wikipedia. Mainland China has a system of trading weekend for weekday public holidays. So,... Read More

Logistics of Luxury and E-Commerce in China

Chinese Customs Officer Inspects Proucts Entering China. Image: Huangpu Customs The topic of logistics is definitely not the sexiest side of the fashion and luxury  industry. Yet understanding logistics in China is vital for retailers, as even a big brand name and network of fancy stores wont do you any good if  you cant get products into the country to sell. The  operational challenges of  logistics in China include importing regulations,... Read More

Logistics Impeding E-Commerce Growth in China

Amazon China Delivery Man on the Streets of Beijing Thanks to the hyper-growth of e-commerce in China, bicycles, scooters, pedicabs, and pedestrians increasingly have to compete with a new breed of guided human missile – the e-commerce delivery man. Led by Taobao the surge in e-commerce in China has also caused exponential growth to the country’s domestic logistics sector. In their Blue Book study into e-commerce in China, CSLA reports that... Read More


Iconic Architecture: Beijing's CCTV Building and Shanghai's Fluorescent Freeways There is a bitter rivalry between China’s two primary cities Beijing and Shanghai. Ask any Chinese about the difference and you’ll likely get the answer that Beijing is the cultural center of China, while Shanghai is the business hub. Beijing is more laid back and Shanghai is fast paced.  Beijing means ‘government’ and ‘controlled’, Shanghai means... Read More

ENK International Interview

ENK USA Pavilion at CHIC 2011 As detailed in our last post, the American contingent of brands that chose to attend this week’s China International Clothing and Accessories Fair (CHIC) did so through ENK International, one of America’s largest fashion trade shows.  Branded as ENK USA, the pavilion housed 11 brands such as: Hudson, J Brand, Paige Denim, Robert Rodriguez, Robin’s Jean and Tart Collections. According to Elyse Kroll, the founder... Read More

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Timothy J Coghlan has been living and working in Asia for 15 years and has had a multifaceted experience in the luxury and fashion industry including fashion journalism, producing fashion shows in Tokyo and Hong Kong and product sourcing across China. He is now based in Beijing and works for a leading multinational company advising luxury and fashion companies on how to develop and execute their retail and business strategies across China. Timothy speaks fluent English, Chinese and Japanese