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LVMH Opens L’Avenue Mall in Shanghai

LVMH's L'Avenue Mall in West Shanghai In addition to the new stores and upcoming malls detailed in Mao Suit’s last post on Shanghais best facades, another very significant mall has just opened up in Shanghai. As detailed during its construction phase, L’Avenue stands out amongst other luxury malls in China and is a joint venture between LVMH’s real estate arm L Real Estate and Hong Kong rela estate developer Stanley Ho. They will take... Read More

Shanghai’s Best New Store Facades

  New Burberry and Chloe Stores in K11 Mall Shanghai In April 2001 Mao Suit published a post titled Top Luxury Brand’s Store facades in Shanghai. Yet, a recent visit to Shanghai has rendered the 2011 post out of date, as a plethora of new store openings and façade renovations in the last few months necessitate and updated list. So here is current list of the biggest, brightest and most captivating store facades dressing up Shanghai. Following... Read More

Flurry of Flagship Store Openings End 2012 in Beijing

Miu Miu's New Beijing Flagship Store - The Biggest in China To finish off 2012, Beijing has witnessed a flurry of new flagship fashion and luxury store openings over the last month. The most impressive of these stores is the new Miu Miu Beijing flagship – the brand’s biggest in China, which has just opened in the Sanlitun North Village shopping complex. Miu Miu now joins a stellar line up of prestigious brands who have all built mega-stores... Read More

Shang Xia Opens New Store and Exhibition in Beijing

Mongolian Cashmere Collections at Shang Xia's New Beijing Boutique Two years after opening its first store in Shanghai, Chinese contemporary craftsmanship brand Shang Xia opened its second global boutique in Beijing yesterday. Designed by renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, the Beijing store pays homage to the ancient aesthetic of Beijing’s serried city walls. The ‘bricks’ theme was consistent through the space with brick walls... Read More


Window Display in Louis Vuitton's New Shanghai Maison If there were any doubts that Shanghai was the ‘Paris of the East’ they were surely dismissed last week as Louis Vuitton (LV) took over the city.  LV banners lined the streets, massive LV billboards beamed from buildings, newspaper covers were dedicated to the brand,  and entire skyscrapers lit up with LV animations and logos. Major global popular websites including the New York Time’s... Read More


  One Side of Shenzhen's Mix C Luxury Mall with Dolce & Gabbana's Flagship Last weekend KPMG (who do great luxury reports) invited me to Shenzhen to speak on China market entry at the Shenzhen International Clothing and Accessories Fair. I have a strong case of OCD for checking out malls in every city I go, so I stole some time to check out Shenzhen’s Mix City luxury brand shopping mall. The second I stepped out of the taxi my expectations... Read More

Louboutin Lands in Beijing

Christian Louboutin's Men's Collection Now Available in Beijing Hot on the heels (lame pun) of the mega brand events in Beijing over the last few months, on Thursday Christian Louboutin ventured into town for the official opening of his Beijing Flagship boutique. The store’s design mimics that of the fist ever Louboutin Paris store and is now one of the biggest in Asia. Louboutin already has a flagship store in Shanghai and is opening soon... Read More

Alexander McQueen’s All Asian Fashion Show

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show in Beijing With an All-Chinese Model Cast Perhaps it was the deathly skull inspired designs and mystique surrounding the brand name.  Perhaps it was the curiosity on how a brand could continue after its namesake founder/designer passed away by his own. Or, perhaps it was just the fact that everyone one was talking about it. Whatever the reason, the Alexander McQueen store opening and fashion show held last week in Beijing... Read More

New Marni, Margiela & McQueen Flasghips Make Beijing a Fashion Mecca

Marni CEO Mr Gianni Castiglioni, Marni Designer Ms Consuelo Castiglioni ans Chinese Models and Celebrities at the Marni Store Opening in Beijing Last week was very exciting time in Beijing. China Fashion Week saw the domestic designers and media in a frenzy with fashion shows and events going on all over the city. Whether coincidence or deliberate planning, multiple international brands including Maison Martin Margiela, Marni, and Alexander McQueen... Read More

Peter Marino Interview for the Business of Fashion

Chanel Designer Karl Lagerfeld and Peter Marino. Source: Associated Press While in New York two weeks ago I had the fortunate opportunity to interview Peter Marino for the Business of Fashion. Peter Marino is an amazing retail architect and has designed stores for the world’s leading fashion and luxury brands. Over the last several years he has been particularly active in China and Hong Kong, designing the biggest and best flagship stores for... Read More

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