The Way of Fashion and Luxury in China

Glamour Sales CEO Interview

Screen Shot of the Glamour Sales Mobile Shopping App. Sorce: Technode As mentioned in the Mao Suit’s last post on how pollution in China is likely driving consumers towards online purchases, KPMG, in conjunction with Chinese e-commerce site Glamour Sales have just released a study into China’s Connected Consumers with extensive research on e-commerce. In late 2013 prior to releasing the report, KPMG conducted a series of conferences in Beijing,... Read More

China’s E-Commerce Emperor

The Alibaba Group's Portals Dominate E-Commerce in China Two weeks ago I wrote about the massive potential of e-commerce in China that Boston Consulting Group predicts will be worth more than 300 billion dollars by 2015. As numerous e-tailors fold under highly competitive market pressures and others battle it out with nasty price wars, through all of this, one company – The Alibaba Group has risen to become the undisputed leader of e-commerce... Read More

Omni-Channel Retail 101

Online Commerce Site. Image: Branding. Inc. Today I gave a presentation on Omni-channel Retail to the China Chain Store and Franchise Association. The fact that there isn’t even a term in Chinese for Omni-Channel retail shows how new the concept is to China. Truth be told, the concept is relatively new worldwide. So what exactly is omni-channel retail anyway? Essentially, omni-channel Retail is where retail stores, e commerce, m commerce, social... Read More

About the Author

Timothy J Coghlan has been living and working in Asia for 15 years and has had a multifaceted experience in the luxury and fashion industry including fashion journalism, producing fashion shows in Tokyo and Hong Kong and product sourcing across China. He is now based in Beijing and works for a leading multinational company advising luxury and fashion companies on how to develop and execute their retail and business strategies across China. Timothy speaks fluent English, Chinese and Japanese