The Way of Fashion and Luxury in China

Happy Year of the Horse!

Year of the Horse Decorations Outside Wangfujing Department Store Beijing With white collar China back to normal work operations this week and the official Chinese New Year (CNY) celebrations having concluded on the 15th, its also time for Mao Suit to celebrate the Year of the Horse and get back in the saddle for a bit of blogging. In Chinese culture the Horse is a deeply respected animal, long honored in calligraphy and the Chinese language itself... Read More

Shanghai’s Best New Store Facades

  New Burberry and Chloe Stores in K11 Mall Shanghai In April 2001 Mao Suit published a post titled Top Luxury Brand’s Store facades in Shanghai. Yet, a recent visit to Shanghai has rendered the 2011 post out of date, as a plethora of new store openings and façade renovations in the last few months necessitate and updated list. So here is current list of the biggest, brightest and most captivating store facades dressing up Shanghai. Following... Read More


Window Display in Louis Vuitton's New Shanghai Maison If there were any doubts that Shanghai was the ‘Paris of the East’ they were surely dismissed last week as Louis Vuitton (LV) took over the city.  LV banners lined the streets, massive LV billboards beamed from buildings, newspaper covers were dedicated to the brand,  and entire skyscrapers lit up with LV animations and logos. Major global popular websites including the New York Time’s... Read More

China’s Biggest Fashion Trade Show

Attendees at CHIC 2012 Show Off Their Goodie Bags CHIC is the abbreviation bestowed upon the China International Clothing and Accessories Fair. CHIC is the biggest fashion trade fair in China, held annually in Beijing to coincide with China Fashion Week. Last year I reported on CHIC 2011 and I ventured back there again last week for the 20th anniversary fair. Over four days more than100,000 people stream through the massive exhibition center that... Read More

Christmas in China

Chanel Christmas Decorations Inside Beijing's Shin Kong Place With Christmas over and while most of the Western world begrudgingly filters back into work this week, in China its been business as usual and apart from two days holiday for New Year there is no official recognition of Christmas Day as a religious festival. Of course retailers didn’t miss the extra opportunity Christmas shopping presents and so malls and brands across China adopted... Read More

Alexander McQueen’s All Asian Fashion Show

Alexander McQueen Fashion Show in Beijing With an All-Chinese Model Cast Perhaps it was the deathly skull inspired designs and mystique surrounding the brand name.  Perhaps it was the curiosity on how a brand could continue after its namesake founder/designer passed away by his own. Or, perhaps it was just the fact that everyone one was talking about it. Whatever the reason, the Alexander McQueen store opening and fashion show held last week in Beijing... Read More

Moncler Opens China Flagship Store

  Moncler's Beijing Flagship Store In a continuation of the luxury brand land grab written about earlier on the Maosuit,  Moncler is the latest high-end brand to debut a flagship store in Beijing’s Sanlitun North Village. The 600 square meter store is Moncler’s biggest to date in China and follows a series of similar openings by brands such as Lanvin, Balenciaga and DSquared. Of all the new brands opening stores in China, the Maosuit... Read More

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Timothy J Coghlan has been living and working in Asia for 15 years and has had a multifaceted experience in the luxury and fashion industry including fashion journalism, producing fashion shows in Tokyo and Hong Kong and product sourcing across China. He is now based in Beijing and works for a leading multinational company advising luxury and fashion companies on how to develop and execute their retail and business strategies across China. Timothy speaks fluent English, Chinese and Japanese